Top 3 Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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The work environment is evolving, due to digitalization and rapid advancement of technology. We need to be agile to make these changes as an advantage by preparing our workforce with robust Learning & Development (L&D) Programs.

There are many inconveniences from traditional training methods such as long periods of training, transportation expenses, supplementary material fees, dependency on the teachers, fixed location, fixed schedule, and more.

Thankfully, these disadvantages can be eliminated through effective online training or also known as e-learning. You can finally train your employees powerfully to better their abilities to absorb and understand information and build new skills.

But, why should you invest in your employees’ training in the first place?

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Employees’ training leads to further development. It encourages a learning culture in your company where they are motivated to upskill and reskill. With this, you can help them strengthen their role by adding more value to their work, and this can directly benefit your company, such as raising your employee retention.

Companies with inadequate onboarding programs like these have a higher chance of going through employee turnover. Not to mention that companies could also experience extravagance on the cost of employee turnover––$680 billion by 2020.

However, there is still some barrier to achieving these goals despite having training programs implemented. The truth is: these programs are not appropriately designed with your employees’ preferences. By utilizing the right e-learning platform, you can provide engagement, scalability, flexibility, and consistency in training your employees.

E-learning does not mean merely exploring the Internet, such as Googling. Speaking of, almost 40% of employees go to Google before asking a coworker. Besides, 1 in 3 employees doesn’t feel qualified for their job. More than half don’t think their coworkers are either. Instead, choose Learning Management System (LMS) for your employees’ online learning option.

Why the Learning Management System?

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Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the e-learning platforms to deliver online education and training. It enables the creation, management, and delivery of your training to ease the carry-out of all processes.

LMS was hosted in the cloud, freeing your company from the burden of installing and maintaining ‘in-house systems.’ You can plan, implement and assess specific training packages in a well-defined way.


One of the features that make LMS should be your chosen platform to train your employees is usability. Poor usability requires your employees to spend more time learning the system itself rather than learning the content it delivers.

The higher the system’s usability is, the higher the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of your employees’ learning objectives. A suitable user interface always leads to excellent user fulfillment.


The first and foremost way to reduce training costs is by using LMS. You will not depend on cost-center trainers, booking training rooms, and pay for transportation and accommodation fees. Also, administration costs such as training materials and equipment are eliminated.

LMS implements several excellent features to address these costs.

LMS’s built-in administrator can create, measure, and distribute content through computers, tablet, and smartphone all at once. Your employees can still feel the beauty of virtual meetings and virtual classrooms in face-to-face training. Besides, they can learn the same topic over and over again, anywhere and anytime.

Functionality, customizability, and maintainability

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LMS assists your company in personalizing the preferred learning method of your employees––location, schedule, content selection, learning paths, and more.

As a matter of fact, 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace. In essence, this indicates that employees will respond better to a more personalized approach to learning.

Rather than learning in rigorous and uninspiring training programs, encourage your employees to create their customized learning method instead for a much more stimulating and effective result.

The use of LMS as your chosen online learning platform eliminates the burden of training your employees and increases their level of motivation, improved skills, and acquired new knowledge.

This yields employee retention, better work, better team, and thus: better company to adapt with changes.