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November 11, 2019

ProSpark Talks

Welcome to “ProSpark Talks” where we explore various topics in the eLearning industry and discuss market opportunities in Indonesia & SE Asia.

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Thanks to our ProSpark partners Moshe Rizal & Amrullah Tahad for your support.

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One individual, one society, one spark at a time. Prospark is short for professional spark. A movement built to professionally connect different societies, cultures and individuals under one platform. The organization represents six categories; change, innovation, connectivity, communities, inclusive and diversity. Prospark’s goals are to change the way we think by modernizing ideas and providing different perspectives. Prospark does not only represent one person; this is a global movement that is set to embrace the similarities and differences of communities with a goal of learning. By combining different cultures and thoughts under one platform, Prospark will achieve its goal of embracing diversity, inclusiveness and connectivity.