One individual, one society, one spark at a time. Prospark is short for professional spark. A movement built to professionally connect different societies, cultures and individuals under one platform. The organization represents six categories; change, innovation, connectivity, communities, inclusive and diversity. Prospark’s goals are to change the way we think by modernizing ideas and providing different perspectives. Prospark does not only represent one person; this is a global movement that is set to embrace the similarities and differences of communities with a goal of learning. By combining different cultures and thoughts under one platform, Prospark will achieve its goal of embracing diversity, inclusiveness and connectivity.

Prospark’s logo is something that came together to show what the organization represents. The colors all play a part in what Prospark is working on achieving. The main color of the logo is purple which is a mixture of the colors blue and red. Purple represents a sense of empowerment and the zeal to always be on top like royalty. The blue color represents calmness which causes us to have an open mind and be want to be more knowledgeable. The red color represents fire and desire for achievement which is something that Prospark is all about.

Below is a video that helps you get a better understanding of the movement. The movement starts with baby steps and shows growth in confidence, communication and motivation. Prospark is a global learning experience and I hope you are ready to join us on this journey.