Who We Are?

Established in 2018, Prospark is a company that provide e-learning platforms. Our products help organizations (enterprises and SMEs) to take learning experiences to a higher level while enhance the skill of employees and members of the organization.

With Prospark, employees, customers, ang partners have the power to learn anywhere, anytime.

The Prospark LMS platform can be used by organizations or companies for on-boarding, training, development, and certification activities.

We understand that every organization has needs and each individual has their own preffered suitable learning method. To fulfill that, we create a customizable platform that can be adapted based on the needs of every individual in an organization.


To foster learning and user engagement by providing an innovative solution tailored to the individuals’ needs while focusing on the advancement of organizational performance.


To create an environment that provides flexible and engaging tools and resources, focused on areas that will develop users’ skills, ignite creative thinking and ultimately impact their businesses and communities.


Customer Satisfaction. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their best results. We value their needs and feedback to ensure we are delivering the best solutions and services.

Innovation. We thrive through creative thinking and collaboration. Innovation is the backbone for our company. We create agile solutions to continuously improve and adapt to industry advancements.

Learning We are committed to providing a user-friendly platform that makes the learning experience flexible and engaging. The ultimate goal is to enable learning that sparks creativity and enables users to better their performance.

Our Team We have a diverse group of innovators that are focused on creative solutions for our clients. We are motivated to be the best by continuously learning, respecting differences and rewarding collaborative efforts.

Our Partners

Our employees, who we call partners, are at the heart of the ProSpark Experience. We believe in treating our partners with respect and dignity. At United, we are driven to build an ecosystem that supports both commercial and education institutions’ development.